October 24, 2017
Old Handmade Persian Mashad Carpet 370 x 295 cm
October 24, 2017
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Persian Kashmar Carpet 400 x 300 cm

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Length – 400 cm

Width – 300 cm

Shape – Rectangle

Fabric – Wool/Cotton Foundation

Design – Central Medallion 

Pattern – Floral and pictorial 

Rug Type – Hand Knotted

Age – 60 – 70 years old

Rug Origin – Handmade Persian Kashmar carpet with an outstanding design and superb colours.

The carpet is representing power of the Persian kings and Persian cultures. The Central Medallion of the carpet is representing Cyrus The Great and famous Persian Poet Saddi Shirazi.

The Persian Empire was founded by Cyrus the Great who conquered Babylon in 536 BC. The Persian Empire succeeded the Babylonian Empire and it was Cyrus, who issued the famous decree for the Jews to return to their homeland to rebuild their Temple. Under Darius the second Temple of Zerubbabel was completed; and under Xerxes, or Ahasuerus, the events recorded in the Book of Esther in the Bible happened; under Artaxerxes the Jewish state was reformed by Ezra, and the walls of Jerusalem were rebuilt by Nehemiah. The capital of the Persian Empire was Shushan. 



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